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As we mentioned in a previous article, you should give a closer look to the outdoor space of the property when trying to sell it.

The garden is one key point for making a good impression! Just take a look at your garden now and try to imagine how it can be better organized or designed. Some extra elements might do the trick (create a small pond or a path with paving stone) and turn your garden into the selling proposition of your property.

We found these ideas useful and very practical for landscaping the garden and getting it ready for a viewing.

However, the best advice in the article on Property Division is this one: always keep in mind the type of buyer you are targeting. Millennials will need a simple, but friendly garden – the gathering place for BBQ s and late dinners with friends. Couples with children will want the garden for the children to play and with a very ‘homely’ design. Elders see the garden as a relaxing place and will want a comfortable garden with low maintenance.

Read more on the subject and share with us your idea of landscaping the garden!

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Start your own crowdfunding for a buy-to-let project with just £100?

Or did you think of using Virtual Reality for viewing a building that isn’t even built yet?

There are a lot of ways of using technology in the property market for selling and buying purposes. Most of them focus on the selling part – enhancing the experience of becoming an owner before actually buying.

Proptech is the general name for every technological service or feature used on the property market. Technology is just starting to take over our daily life, and we are going to see more and more of it in the years to come.

An analysis on PropertyReporter covers the way Proptech will find its rightful place in the estate business.

More about it in the article ‘Have we only seen the tip of the proptech iceberg?‘.

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A better supplied market does not seem to be the answer for forcing rental prices to go down. At least not around London. 

Latest data showed that in the second quarter of 2017 the rental offer increased by 7% in the areas around London. At the same time, the average rent per month reached £790 – going up by 2.8% in comparison with the previous quarter.

Supply of rental properties rises in UK, but rents still going up too

Inside London, rents dropped by 0.2%, however, with an average rent at £1,934 per month.

To get a clear view of the market, go to the Victor Michael website in the ‘Letting’ section.

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Viewings are the biggest problem when trying to sell a house. Possible buyers seem to notice everything from corners infiltrated with water to dust on shelves. Even over-crowded spaces like a kitchen with an island might leave them with a wrong impression about a house – that it is anything but spacious.

The good news is that there are a couple of things you can do to get a good grade for the viewing. Just make a list of things you need to improve.

The easiest way to make the “to fix” list is by having a friend (or friends) over! Their visit and their critical opinions is exactly what you need to see your house from an external point of view. The critical the eye of the beholder, the better for you. It will make you get a better picture of what to fix.

  1. Create as much open space you can. Remove the kitchen island or get rid of all the furniture you do not need. As a buyer, when you see an open and clean space you get ideas about how to personalize it and it will get you closer to sealing the deal.
  2. Mow the lawn and take care of the garden. You might not be living there, but the viewer must see the place as inhabitable. If the house has a garden, it will create the first impression and it should be welcoming to any visitor. Make sure the landscaping has been taken care of and you should see the result in the selling price.
  3. Add more light. Light bulbs should be completely functional, windows should allow all the light to get in, and motion detectors to switch on the light in some areas create a good impression. But be careful! Light goes hand-in-hand only with a very clean house.
  4. Paint and re-paint. A fresh layer of paint over counter-tops or re-painting the stairs will add to the overall sensation of tidiness and freshness. Having everything repainted is even more important for old style houses.
  5. Fresh air. What do you notice first when you walk into a house? The smell inside, most probably. To prepare for a viewing, the house should be as ventilated and smell as fresh as possible. In order to eliminate any odor sources, you should try: cleaning the carpets, keeping the windows open for as long as possible, use light chemicals to clean the entire house.

Have these things in mind when preparing the property for a viewing. They are easy to do and add extra points to the overall impression of the house.


Brokers Tell All: 10 Ways to Boost House Value

10 Steps to Boost Your Home Value

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There is a lot to say about Victorian properties. Their elegant architecture, proportions and intricate detailing. They have passed the test of time and were meant to be loved and admired.

During Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain saw a boom in new builds. In less than 75 years, 6 million houses were built, and a majority of them still stand today.

Renovating and maintaining a Victorian home requires imagination and work. If you have fallen in love with a Victorian property, nothing can be more satisfying than transforming it back to it’s original splendor.

Plasterwork. Cornicing and plaster ceiling roses were the norm for Victorian homes, and the level of detail depended on the status of the room, so a reception room would feature much more than a bedroom.

Windows. Ideally sash windows will set your Victorian home apart from the rest. Try to find a specialist glazier who can install double glazed sash windows.

Fireplaces. Back during the Victorian time, fireplaces were found in every room. Some homes still have them today, but sadly, most were removed by later occupants.

Flooring. Victorian houses generally combine pine floor boards throughout the house with tiles in hallways. Both carpets and lino were introduced in the 1850’s. Floor boards are key for an authentic look.

Kitchens. This part of a house has come a long way since the days of the scullery and overcrowded homes, so a faithful recreation of a Victorian kitchen would not suit the demands of modern living. However, it is possible to have modern appliances that compliment the style of a Victorian era.

Bathroom. Victorian homes were not built with bathrooms in mind. A tin bath in the scullery once a week was a normal family bath night. Today, the bathroom has not been sidelined when it comes to style. Victorian elegance can be found on the high street showcasing roll top baths of many designs.

Doors, Skirting Boards, Picture Rails & Dado Rails. These small details can pull your renovation work together. The more attention to detail that you research, the more authentic the result.

Wall Paper, Paint, Fabric. Soft furnishings are key to pulling off the end result. When a production company films a film series in which the action takes place during that time, everything in the scene has been researched. This is what makes a show believable. The library is a great place to start.

Enjoy your home! And get renovating!

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More than half of the income of almost 14% of tenants goes on rents. Moreover, the proportion reduces to 30% for 43% of private renters, but it is still very high for those wanting to become house owners. Spending this much on rent equals on the long-term an incapacity to save money for a deposit to buy a new home.

The situation seems to be on a loop in England and Wales, at least for young people. The latest research shows that the number of people under 25 years old becoming owners reduced to half in the last 20 years.

The Local Government Association (LGA) suggests that building new affordable homes for rents and buying is the solution designed for a generation that cannot get out of the loop. Details in this article on Property Wire.

A generation is stuck in a rent log jam in England and Wales, unable to afford to buy

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1. Fresh lemons are a great way to clean stainless steel. Cut a lemon in half and rub over the sink and taps. Buff with a microfiber cloth for a brilliant shine.

2. Get the grime off from your grill by scrubbing it with a wire brush while the oven is still warm. Old grime may require an over night spray with an oven cleaner. Make sure to use in a well ventilated room, and wear rubber gloves.

3. A water ring on wooden table?! Not a problem! Apply full fat mayonnaise to the affected area. Leave for 1 hour, then wipe away with a clean cloth.

4. Kids hand prints on kitchen appliances? No worries! Polish the appliances with citrus furniture polish. This will leave a very slightly oiled surface, repelling future marks.

5. Washing machines can smell in the summer, especially in areas where humidity is high. Run a hot, empty wash. Leave the door open in order for the tub to dry fully.

6. Air fresheners are expensive and only last for seconds once sprayed. For a long-term freshness dampen a microfiber cloth. Douse a strong, sweet smelling disinfectant with an odor you like directly onto the cloth. Place the cloth onto a radiator. The heat from the radiator will disperse the fresh scent of the disinfectant around the home.

7. Vinegar is a great to descale iron surfaces. Pour a small amount onto a kettle with some water. Boil the kettle. Instant descaled kettle! Reboil if needed.

8. Never make the bed as soon as you get up! A bed needs to breath and the sheets need to be aired. So take a shower and make that bed in half an hour or so.

9. The best way to make a mirror shine is by rubbing it with some newspaper. So, instead of throwing the today’s paper away, get buffing the windows and mirrors!

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Millennials prove to be wise and take easy steps into becoming home owners. Young people (18 – 34 year old) are very considerate when it comes to financial planning. Latest research shows that they choose to re-mortgage, but they make sure that it will not surpass their monthly income.

Considering all the age categories re-paying their mortgages, millennials are making the biggest contribution to the overall budget: £908 per month.

The main reason for re-mortgaging is reducing the costs of their monthly mortgage which is a savvy way of looking at these type of financial solutions.

More upon the subject of the millennials behavior when it comes to mortgages in the latest article on Property Reporter.

Image copyright: Property Reporter

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Gardens complete any home with the necessary breath of fresh air, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford a large garden. The area in which you live also largely dictates the average size of the garden. For example, inner city gardens are considerably smaller that rural gardens.

If you wish to have a nice looking exterior to your living space, but the economy of the property is quite restrictive, make full use of plants and colour. Smaller plants in containers or pots fit well in limited gardens and give it a welcoming vibe. Moreover, wall hanging containers are excellent for the balcony of an apartment.

If gardening is not your thing, but outside dining is, then buy some fold-away garden furniture to utilize the outside space when needed. You might think there is no space for a BBQ, for example, but you will reconsider your thoughts when you will find the right little kettle charcoal BBQ. They fit in any small corner or your garden and come in handy when you have friends over for a Sunday lunch.

Herbs and small vegetables in grow-bags can serve cooking purposes, as well as design reasons. For a very small flat that does not have a balcony, window boxes are a great way to bring a garden vibe to the window of your apartment. Choose a plant of herb that you can either use, or looks good from the outside. The bigger the plant, the greater the visual effect you will have from the inside of the apartment.

Think about colour, smell, height and how easy it is to take care of when you chose plants and flowers for the space you are decorating.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your special space. Whether it is a balcony or a small patio, any exterior can turn into a relaxing outside garden with just a little imagination.

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