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It’s quick and simple! Get your free instant valuation in minutes with no appointment, no day off work and no time wasted!

Our online valuations are estimated based on information available via the public Land Registry data and should therefore be used as guidance only. This valuation does not take into consideration the current condition of the property or any improvements made since its last sale. Valuations for properties that were last sold before January 1995 will have an estimation based on neighboring sales. Click here for your free instant valuation!

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Woodford Green office just helped a vendor to follow his dream and set up his new life in Thailand.

Why choose living overseas?

Moving overseas is rewarding on so many levels, according to our customers. If you are seeking a place to retire, consider the cost of living relative to your savings. If you are an young entrepreneur, looking for new adventures, consider a place that inspires you and build you up for the next business challenges.

How can we help?

Many fail to make it happen, overwhelmed by the technicalities of setting up home and a new life from scratch. If you approach relocating with the right frame of mind the question remains: will you be brave enough to make the first step? If yes, we are here to help with Victor Michael living overseas services and real estate offers. To start, we have over 412 international properties on our books waiting for you to make your dreams happen.

Arrange a viewing with us. right in this very unique moment. It’s up to you to make it happen!

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Finding a good place to live in London can be a challenge, especially if you are focused in finding the perfect flat or a nice cozy place you wish to call home. If you’re new in town and no one is here to help we recommend you: Airbnb. Here you can find a nice cozy place to rent for a few days time, while you’re focusing on your search to rent or to  buy: either an old victorian house or modern apartment in central London.

Why London?

Well, here it depedends. Some move here, for business reasons, other for finding a new job and many others for studying in one of the great universitites you can find around town. No matter the reason, we all end up having the same first problem: where do I stay in London?

Here, we can recommend you with open hears the advice of a professional real estate agent. There’s no one better, who can show you around town for the best options you have available on the market. Also to help you get the best prices for the coziest houses or apartments in London.

Apartments ‘To Rent’ or ‘For Sale’ in London.

London has an incredible choice when it comes to variety and different types of apartments. No matter the taste, whether if you are looking for luxury apartments or value or a great riverview, there is for sure something outhere to suit your style and budget. To get a brief overview of the types of apartments you can expect to find in London, get in touch with one of our real estate agents.


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