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In this everyday expanding world, the need for space is simply intensifying. More compact and smaller are key characteristics of future houses.

And, if it is ‘movable’ too, then it is probably perfect.

There are a lot of tiny houses that can be in the top for their design and unique use of space. Here are some examples of small houses that blend in perfectly by being unintrusive in the space they were built (or moved to).

However, one special project drew our attention: Elsa, the 323 square feet house with a greenhouse included. The ‘entire’ house was developed and designed by Olive Nest Tiny Homes. It might be small, but it has one of the most spacious interior design we encountered.

Elsa can be moved around and it fits in all of the settings one might think of. The porch and the mini-greenhouse are dreams came true for gardeners and traditionalists.

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Photo source: Flickr http://bit.ly/2h96zzD

London is in top 5 most expensive cities for investors looking to put their money in office buildings. Recent study shows that the average price for 1 sqm in an office building in London is around 1 717 GBP, while Hong Kong tops the world chart with an offer of 6446 GBP for 1 sqm.

Prime office space in cities such as Hong Kong and London becoming too expensive

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One would think that landlords are always in the better position when contracting. However, being a property owner has its risks and it can be difficult to handle them when you are a beginner in this type of transactions.

Property Division made a guide of 12 questions every landlord should ask themselves at one point:

1. Should I Tell My Mortgage Lender I’ll Be Letting My Property?

2. What Is the Right to Rent?

3. Should I Register the Deposit?

4. How Can I Prevent Property Fraud?

5. Is the EPC Mandatory?

6. Do the Gas, Electrics and Furniture Need to Be Compliant?

7. Is an Inventory Worth It?

8. Do I Need Insurance?

9. Do I Have to Pay Council Tax and Income Tax?

10. Can I Make Routine Property Visits?

11. When Should I Do an Inspection?

12. Who Should Contact the Council and Energy Suppliers?

Read the answers carefully and you are sure to have some more questions at the end of the article, if you are a landlord. But at least you know what to start with.

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Except if you are one one the lucky few that manage selling really fast their house, we can guarantee you one thing: the process is stressful. It goes for the sellers and for the buyers, as well!

The entire process was the subject of a study and it seems that both parts implied feel the stress. But there is also some dissatisfaction with the real estate agents…

Most buyers and sellers in England and Wales find the process stressful

Making things easy for the sellers is difficult. The buyers can, however, be helped. In their case, the Government promises to try to ease up the process.

Home buying to be made cheaper, faster and less stressful in England

If things are going smoother for those searching for a home, there is still one most stressful thing: the decision itself. Making up your mind and coming at peace with what you choose is crucial before buying.

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Thinking about renewing the flooring in your small flat or your spacious house? Ever considered bamboo? 

Photo source: ThisOldHouse http://bit.ly/2l7iyCi

It looks great inside and the material (although not new) is one of the new entries in the commonly used materials for constructions and renovating.

We found a great article on ThisOldHouse.com about how to use bamboo for usual flooring for interior designing. There are, as for any other material, pros & cons.

• A fast-renewing resource, bamboo is ready to harvest in 5 to 6 years, about one-tenth the time it takes red oak to mature. New stalks regrow from the same plant.
• Generally less expensive than a common hardwood by about $1 per square foot, and even cheaper in comparison with an exotic species.
• Extremely durable, a quality bamboo floor can last decades with care and minimal exposure to grit, high heels, and pets’ nails.

• It can scratch, even with a factory finish, just as wood does; use doormats inside and protective pads with furniture.
• All bamboo is not the same, and it can be hard to sort through the quality claims. Plus, the different types (see below) make apples-to-apples comparisons a challenge.
• Off-gassing can occur with lesser-quality flooring made with adhesives containing urea-formaldehyde.

Read the full article for a clear image and all the implications.

All About Bamboo Flooring

More on how magical bamboo can be in Elora Hardy’s inspiring talk on TED.com.

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Photo source: Flickr http://bit.ly/2yXUUOG

When you’ve got a small kitchen, the hard part is getting used to it. Once you make peace with the thought that you will never have the entire space you need, you can learn to manage a small kitchen.

However, what we recommend is that – once in a while – you clean all the space up and get rid of all the useless stuff that just crowds up the room.

Moreover, there are tricks of making use of space that you don’t consider usable at first sight. Read the article below and tell us what you improved in your kitchen

How to Make Space in a Small Kitchen

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Photo source: Property Wire http://bit.ly/2xR0h2h

There have been a lot of whispers about Bank of England lately and the assumed raise of interest rates.

Any type of raise would clearly influence home owners, but here’s an example of how a small increase can look like for a monthly budget: a 0.25% rise of rates would mean that a typical variable mortgage repayment could cost an extra £13 a month. However, switching to a fixed rate deal could save borrowers £119 per month.

But, as the latest research suggests, the homeowners are not prepared for a raise in this sector. 68% do not actually know how a base interest raise can affect them.

Research suggests many British home owners are not prepared for interest rate rise

Knowing the risks and the implications is vital to choosing rightfully, at least when it comes to money.

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Just like any other property indicator, student acommodation is more expensive in London compared to other cities considered to be university poles. The differences are, however, quite high. For example, the difference between the rental costs and acommodation in the cheapest region – Stockton, and the priciest – London, is of £429 per week.

Reasons and a complete analysis of what costs students must pay across the UK in the article on Property Wire.

Student accommodation rental costs in UK can vary by over £400 per week

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