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We seem to get a lot of feedback about the property market on the regional level. London scores are getting lower and this causes an overall draw effect on the UK property market. All in all, the impression is that the market is definitely resilient to political uncertainty.

Details and some interesting point of view in the article on Property Reporter.

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Not as a surprise, the highest price per square meter is in London. The prices here doubled between 2004 and 2016.

However, the difference between the lowest price per square meter in the UK (Blaenau Gwent in Wales – £777) and the highest (the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea – £19,400) is enormous. The main causes and some of the effects on the long term you can find in this article on PropertyWire.

Astounding £18,000 difference between highest and lowest home prices per square meter

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Owners returned from the summer holiday with an appetite for selling. Latest research showed that new property listings are up by a fifth last month, compared to August.

Highest rise can be noticed in Oxford, while London – South East is on the fifth place.

And if you’re wondering about a region in particular, check out the entire article on Property Reporter:

September sees new property listings at two year high

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Proud to be the WINNER of The Property Investor & Homebuyer Show for THE BEST INNOVATIVE COMPANY OF THE YEAR!! Thank you! 🙌🏻

Posted by Victor Michael Estate Agents on Friday, 6 October 2017

The Victor Michael team was a winner at the Property Investor & Homebuyer Show this year.

Victor Michael received the award for the best innovative company of the year. The show happened between 6 – 7 October 2017 at London ExCeL International Exhibition Centre and it is the UK’s longest running exhibition of property.

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It seems that interest rates will stay low for a while yet, and that has encouraged investors to look to commercial property in the UK for a steady and reliable yield. Over the last 17 years, we have seen income make up the majority of the return enjoyed by investors.

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While stability in time is certain both for bonds and investments in the right properties, what is the right choice for investors. The analysis on Property Division takes a lot of variables into discussion and it is of help for investors in London nowadays.

Are Property Investments still Outperforming Bonds?

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Valuable advice for Buy-to-Let landlords to be ready for 2018:

1. Mortgage Interest Tax Relief Changes

2. Utilising Airbnb To Avoid Void Periods

3. New PRA Rules For Portfolio Landlords

4. New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

5. London House Prices & Rental Yields

More in this article on Property Division:


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If the housing plan reaches its target, the number of new homes built will definitely satisfy – or at least keep pace with – the demand. We are talking about 100,000 new and affordable homes each year.

The target seems now very far away and the main cause is lack of lands to build on. Latest research and solutions suggest swamping green-belt lands might be an efficient answer. This measure means that new properties can be built on lands on which the protection will be removed, in return for creating a new area of protected land elsewhere.

More land needs to be released for new homes in the UK to meet demand

The same resolution to build on green-belt lands was promoted a year ago. At that point, the opposition was strong enough against the idea.

Last year the question was if swamping green-belt lands was a step in the right direction, as this article on Property Reporter puts it. Since a year after the specialists reach the same point and with the same resolution, maybe it is the only answer.

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‘Prefabricated’ houses appeared in the Second World War as a necessity. Fast reconstruction was the need then.

These days, prefab houses might be a new trend. The need they should be fulfilling now is the increased demand of homes and the super-fast pace they should be built.

The UK is one of the main countries in which this need can already be seen on the property market. However, prefab homes are going to bring some new problems to the market, starting with viability, and ending with insurance.

A good point of view on the problem of creating new communities based on prefab houses can be found in this article on Property Division:

Are prefabs set to make a comeback?

And if you want a clear image of how how prefab/ fast houses can look like, here are some ideas:

Photo sources: Inhabitat

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