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As we told you before and we insist now, gardening is something you can do no matter the space you live in! You don’t even have to have a garden in fact. Just a balcony and some pots should suffice. 

With some seeds, a little bit of will and some extra effort you can have a small garden or a balcony garden in no time. And because we know this is the exact moment when you will try to find some excuses, we are just going to tell you this: It is not too late! A garden can be created during autumn just as well as in other seasons.

But let’s take it step by step. There are some gardening activities that can be done while the weather seems to be getting colder. Actually, it is just the air a bit colder. The soil is still warm and everything planted in the autumn days should benefit from the lack of very high temperatures or the extra burning sun.

So autumn is a great season to take on the ‘secret garden’ project. Prepare for plants, vegetables or flowers that have a long transformation period from seed to plant.

All the spring flowers need a period of cold dormacy to bloom, so pick your favourite ones and plant them now. You can choose from daffodils, allium, grape hyacinths, dog’s-tooth violet, Siberian squill, fritillaria, winter aconite, glory-of-the-snow, and snowdrops. Moreover, pansies are sure to bloom if planted during autumn.

Vegetables are easier to plant and endure the cold even better: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, radishes, carrots.

Also, some greeny leafs like lettuce and spinach can be planted even in the late autumn days because they have a short maturity time.


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DIY projects can be quite impressive and inspiring to look at. You can build almost anything by yourself if you have the right materials.

These couple took everything further and built their entire small home. In a barn. Then moved it around to the right placement. The video is mind-blowing and will give you the feeling that you can practically do anything if you set it as a goal and do not rest until you see it completed.

The start of Robert and Samantha’s project is very well-planned and documented. You will see they planned to build the tiny home in 12 – 14 months. The entire place has almost 19 sq meters and can be moved around. They shared their construction plans on their website, as well as a lot of precious advice.

Anybody else feeling up to this project?

Where would you move your entire home if you could?

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Caliente is the Spanish word for ‘hot’, but also the new Benjamin Moore color for 2018.

It is definitely stronger than the shades the famous paint producer got us used to in the last years. However, it is a good way to spice up a house exterior or to give some attitude to a boring interior.

Read the full story of the Benjamin Moore colour for 2018 in this article on Architectural Digest.

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To put it in a context, Caliente is a special type of red.

The 2018 trends do not stop here, for what Benjamin Moore is concerned. You can find the entire suggested pallet for any type of redecoration you have in mind for next year right here.

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Wallpaper is a versatile decorating element that can fit all spaces, large of small. One of the primal benefits it that it fills up an open space or it can make an open plan flat come together as one.

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For most of you, just the word ‘wallpaper’ might bring up memories of your grandmother’s house, but keep your minds (and eyes!) open for the new wallpaper trends that started this year.

We are talking about:

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Small spaces can also benefit from some extra color or shape brought easily with some wallpaper design. Use pieces of a wallpaper design that blends in or comes out of the general design by:

  • putting wallpaper behind shelves;
  • hanging it into frames;
  • cover your book display;
  • give your small tables a creative face.

Inspired by this great article on Freshome:

Wallpaper is Back!

These Are the 2017 Wallpaper Trends You Need to Check Out

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‘Prefabricated’ houses appeared in the Second World War as a necessity. Fast reconstruction was the need then.

These days, prefab houses might be a new trend. The need they should be fulfilling now is the increased demand of homes and the super-fast pace they should be built.

The UK is one of the main countries in which this need can already be seen on the property market. However, prefab homes are going to bring some new problems to the market, starting with viability, and ending with insurance.

A good point of view on the problem of creating new communities based on prefab houses can be found in this article on Property Division:

Are prefabs set to make a comeback?

And if you want a clear image of how how prefab/ fast houses can look like, here are some ideas:

Photo sources: Inhabitat

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A successful renovation project starts with a good plan. Make a list of all the things you want/ need to replace to make you – as in inhabitant of the place you are renovating – happier.

To make the process more efficient, design in your mind (and maybe on a piece of paper) the entire plan. Here’s how to start a renovation project for a bathroom.

Source of video: ThisOldHouse

Always have a clear image of how you want the end result to look and keep in mind the aim of the entire project: to increase the value of the property. This will keep you on budget and away from any useless features.

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We already gave you a few tips on how to make this autumn more special for your home. However, some early preparations for the winter can also be done this time of the year.

We searched for a useful guide on how to make your house safer for the cold season and we came across this article on This Old House:

Button Up Your House For Fall

There are six essential tasks that you can complete in the fall:

1. Weatherproof Windows and Doors

2. Check Your Gutters

3. Find and Fix Cracked Concrete

4. Clean Cooling Devices

5. Check for Holes in The Attic

6. Check Your Insulation

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Changing seasons always comes with some extra jobs when it comes to cleaning the house. Most people think of a all-around-the-house cleaning session when the weather changes… and it is not exactly wrong.

Taking good care of your house, though, implies cleaning it constantly. Even with the weekly cleaning routine, there are still corners or things inside the house that might need more attention. Even more, there are a lot of tricks when it comes to easy cleaning.

For example, mirrors are more shiny when cleaned with a black tea infusion. Lemon works perfectly on water stains on fixtures.

You will find more helpful advice in the following video from HouseHold Hackers:

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

In addition to these every-day cleaning tips, there are some ‘can’t believe it until I try it’ tricks that we came across.

What are your magic tricks when it comes to cleaning? Share some with us!

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How many of you wanted to choose a house with a beautiful concrete floor but thought of the high level of maintenance needed for this type of flooring? However, taking good care of a concrete floor should not be harder to do in a normal house than with any other type of flooring.

You should first get advice for cleaning and ‘pampering’ your flooring from the contractors. After cleaning, a polish and a sealer should be used in most cases. Small problems like cracks should be deal with carefully – and immediately, making sure they do not extend.

We came across a helpful article on Property Division upon maintaining decorative floors which we recommend.

How to Maintain Decorative Concrete Floors

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You wish you had more space in your apartment or house, but, unfortunately, space is limited. Luckily, ideas to maximize it are not!

You might not know it now, but there are hidden spaces and corners of your house that can be fully used for storing extra stuff. Here are some ways to find those places, or even create them from scratch.

  1. The storage bed. You can hide anything unused of not used very frequently under the bed, or

    Photo source: This Old House

    you can make some extra shelves right on the exterior of the bed.

  2. Use storage containers. These are usually specially designed for types of things, so make sure you buy adequate boxes for the items you are going to hide away in them.
  3. Benches. In the garden, or even inside the house – maybe in the hallway, wood benches can have depositing spaces under the seat.
  4. Build-up. Stack things up vertically. Extra storage space can be found on top of cabinets or wardrobes. Just make sure you do not deposit anything too heavy above your head, and if you use boxes it can actually look very neat.
  5. Drawers inside the walls. Cabinets with drawers for example can be placed inside walls (as long as it is not a resistance wall of the house).

Share with us your examples of maximizing space inside your home or find more ideas in the following articles:

37 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Every Room

How to Create More Storage Space


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