how to make your own garden

Photo source: Pxhere

As we told you before and we insist now, gardening is something you can do no matter the space you live in! You don’t even have to have a garden in fact. Just a balcony and some pots should suffice. 

With some seeds, a little bit of will and some extra effort you can have a small garden or a balcony garden in no time. And because we know this is the exact moment when you will try to find some excuses, we are just going to tell you this: It is not too late! A garden can be created during autumn just as well as in other seasons.

But let’s take it step by step. There are some gardening activities that can be done while the weather seems to be getting colder. Actually, it is just the air a bit colder. The soil is still warm and everything planted in the autumn days should benefit from the lack of very high temperatures or the extra burning sun.

So autumn is a great season to take on the ‘secret garden’ project. Prepare for plants, vegetables or flowers that have a long transformation period from seed to plant.

All the spring flowers need a period of cold dormacy to bloom, so pick your favourite ones and plant them now. You can choose from daffodils, allium, grape hyacinths, dog’s-tooth violet, Siberian squill, fritillaria, winter aconite, glory-of-the-snow, and snowdrops. Moreover, pansies are sure to bloom if planted during autumn.

Vegetables are easier to plant and endure the cold even better: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, radishes, carrots.

Also, some greeny leafs like lettuce and spinach can be planted even in the late autumn days because they have a short maturity time.


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