Home Improvements FTW

Photo source: Property Division http://bit.ly/2Bb6Euj

Home improvements can surely raise the value of a home. However, knocking down a wall or putting one up is a lot of work and can change the entire appearance of a house. Plan your steps carefully and think in perspective:

  • Am I going to like it next year too?
  • Will a potential buyer like it?
  • Is this project cost efficient and raising the value of the property?

Answer these simple questions and then start planning things directly on a piece of paper.

We found some nice ideas in an article on Property Division. The experts there suggest some additions to a house that are both a good idea of the ones living there now, and for potential buyers:

  • a conservatory
  • a balcony
  • an open plan kitchen
  • a loft conversion

Which would you choose for your home?