Modern Wallpaper You’re Going to Love

Wallpaper is a versatile decorating element that can fit all spaces, large of small. One of the primal benefits it that it fills up an open space or it can make an open plan flat come together as one.

Photo source: Freshome

For most of you, just the word ‘wallpaper’ might bring up memories of your grandmother’s house, but keep your minds (and eyes!) open for the new wallpaper trends that started this year.

We are talking about:

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Small spaces can also benefit from some extra color or shape brought easily with some wallpaper design. Use pieces of a wallpaper design that blends in or comes out of the general design by:

  • putting wallpaper behind shelves;
  • hanging it into frames;
  • cover your book display;
  • give your small tables a creative face.

Inspired by this great article on Freshome:

Wallpaper is Back!

These Are the 2017 Wallpaper Trends You Need to Check Out