Swamping Green-Belt Lands for New Homes

Photo source: Property Reporter http://bit.ly/2yWdhQP

If the housing plan reaches its target, the number of new homes built will definitely satisfy – or at least keep pace with – the demand. We are talking about 100,000 new and affordable homes each year.

The target seems now very far away and the main cause is lack of lands to build on. Latest research and solutions suggest swamping green-belt lands might be an efficient answer. This measure means that new properties can be built on lands on which the protection will be removed, in return for creating a new area of protected land elsewhere.

More land needs to be released for new homes in the UK to meet demand

The same resolution to build on green-belt lands was promoted a year ago. At that point, the opposition was strong enough against the idea.

Last year the question was if swamping green-belt lands was a step in the right direction, as this article on Property Reporter puts it. Since a year after the specialists reach the same point and with the same resolution, maybe it is the only answer.