Staging Might Do the Trick

Staging (theatre), the process of selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for a play or film. […]

Home staging, preparing a residence for sale in real estate.

If you’re not sure about what to improve to your home before the viewings, just go to the front door or the gate to the yard and start stepping inside like you are a potential buyer.

You will see with a stranger’s eyes the small cracks in the pavement, the old paint, and the untidy bathroom.

Here’s some more ideas of how to quickly ‘beautify’ your house:

Setting to sell: the art of property staging

Photo source: Property Division

Make sure to make a budget before setting to renovate your house. Make it buyer friendly on a low budget, don’t give it a new face or a costly make-over. You might fall in love with the new face and decide not to sell it.