Autumn Cleaning… Not Only for Autumns!

Photo source: Goldie Cleaning

Changing seasons always comes with some extra jobs when it comes to cleaning the house. Most people think of a all-around-the-house cleaning session when the weather changes… and it is not exactly wrong.

Taking good care of your house, though, implies cleaning it constantly. Even with the weekly cleaning routine, there are still corners or things inside the house that might need more attention. Even more, there are a lot of tricks when it comes to easy cleaning.

For example, mirrors are more shiny when cleaned with a black tea infusion. Lemon works perfectly on water stains on fixtures.

You will find more helpful advice in the following video from HouseHold Hackers:

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

In addition to these every-day cleaning tips, there are some ‘can’t believe it until I try it’ tricks that we came across.

What are your magic tricks when it comes to cleaning? Share some with us!