New Cities’ Principles

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We can all notice the good and the bad about the city we live in now. The longer we have been staying in one place, the more bad things we seem to notice: the trash is wrongly positioned, the high buildings are creating a shadow all day long over the children’s park, not enough greenery etc.

Some of these we can change and improve by ourselves, but there are some things that are unchangeable. These are usually the things that were designed or simply appeared once with the city. And the more impact they have on us, the more frustrating it is that they cannot be changed.

The continuous development will bring more cities on the world map. It is important that we learn from the current examples and make the new ones better and better.

Having this in mind, Peter Calthorpe, urban designer, started planning the cities of the future and advocating for community design. He made a list of  7 principles to build the new cities on and you can hear them all in his TED conference from April this year.